Protective gloves according to EN 388:2016


The HERO model offers ideal characteristics for every need in emergency and rescue services. Safe working with highest cut protection, excellent thermal insulation and by using heat-resistant materials. The palm is made of heat-resistant cow grain leather, which in combination with the palm lining (double-face knitwear) ensures high mechanical strength. The glove is also equipped with a bacteria-proof PU membrane.





  • Heat-resistant cow grain leather approx. 1.0/1.1mm thick


  • Brand fiber made of 100% Nomex III® orange, fluorocarbon impregnated, basis weight approx. 185gr/m2
  • Ankle protection made of reflex material (100% Nomex Delta T) with latex padding (100% latex)
  • Hand piece completely reinforced with doubleface knitted fabric made of 43% KEVLAR® / 37% polyester, 20% glass fiber, basis weight approx. 330 gr/m2
  • Virus- and bacteria-proof PU membrane, additionally: waterproof, windproof, breathable

Performance data

Abrasion resistance
min. LS 3
LS 3
Cut resistance
min. LS 2
LS 4
Tear resistance
min. LS 3
LS 3
Puncture resistance
min. LS 3
LS 4
min. LS A