Flash Pro Premium PTFE

Firefighter gloves according to EN 659:2003+A1:2008


The firefighter's protective glove FLASH PRO PREMIUM (PTFE) is a firefighter's glove designed for extreme firefighting operations. The glove is a further development of the FLASH PRO PREMIUM model. The FLASH PRO PREMIUM (PTFE) glove is based on an improved PTFE moisture barrier and a new type of silicone coating. The padding in the thumb and finger area also offers increased insulation properties against radiant heat.

The novel silicone coating on the palm and the back of the hand provides a perfect grip, but is at the same time flexible enough to ensure high mobility and an exceptionally good sense of touch.

  • Palm, doubleface knitted 60% meta-aramid / 40% para-aramid with elastic, flame-resistant silicone coating
  • Backhand and cuff, fabric of 50% Nomex® antistatic / 50% viscose FR, paris blue
  • Eurotex insert as moisture barrier (PTFE membrane)
  • Needlona® heat protection felt made of 100% para-aramide as thermal insulation, Needlona® KR122 in the palm, needle fleece made of silica fibers on the backhand and in the cuff
  • Interlock knit /Para-Aramid as additional insulation Hand piece
  • Gauntlet insulation of 70% Nomex® / 30% viscose FR, grey melange
  • Gathered padding in the finger and ankle area, double face knitted 60% meta-aramid / 40% para-aramid
  • 3M reflective strips (yellow/silver/yellow) on back of gauntlets
  • Reversible velcro closure at the cuff entry
  • Snap hook and eyelet

Performance data

Abrasion resistance
min. LS 3
LS 3
Cut resistance
min. LS 2
LS 5
Tear resistance
min. LS 3
LS 4
Puncture resistance
min. LS 3
LS 3
min. LS 1
LS 3
min. LS A
Burning behaviour
min. LS 4
LS 4
Convective heat
min. 13s
Radiant heat
min. 20s
Contact heat, dry 250°C
min. 10s
Contact heat, wet 250°C
min. 10s
Heat shrinkage
Seam strength
min. 350 N
458 N
Take off glove, dry
Take off glove, wet
Chemical Penetration
no penetration